Would you condemn Assad’s massacres against Syrian civilians?

Would you condemn Assad’s massacres against Syrian civilians?

The latest chemical massacre of Khan Sheikhun, in the province of Idlib, killed and injured hundreds of innocent civilians. In this attack, the Syrian regime used internationally banned chemical weapons on civilian areas and proceeded to target the hospitals treating the very same gas suffocation victims. We strongly condemn the consistent and repeated use of illegal weapons and dirty tactics by the Assad regime with Russian and Iranian support. All this has occurred without decisive action at the international level.

1. We hold the allies of Assad (Russia and Iran) responsible for committing war crimes against the Syrian people in partnership with the Syrian regime, and demand that they leave Syria and sever their ties with Assad’s criminal regime.

2. We call upon international organizations and the Security Council to abide by an international law prohibiting the use of chemical weapons.

3. We call upon the International Criminal Court to investigate the bombardment of civilians by the Syrian regime in Khan Sheikhun, Idlib and take the necessary punitive measures against the perpetrators.

4. We demand international protection forces in accordance with international law, which guarantees the protection of civilians and neutralizes them from the destructive effects of war.

5. We set ourselves as prosecutors against Bashar al‐Assad, and we demand that the International Criminal Court recognize Bashar al‐Assad as a war criminal and refer him to trial.

6. We set ourselves as prosecutors against the Syrian Defense Minister, the Syrian Interior Minister, the heads of the branches of the Syrian intelligence, and all those who contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.


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